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Coming Your Way

Eleven premiere artists and bands from Northern Ontario with over thirty different musicians and artists that have been performing for decades come together to create this unique and one of a kind musical and video compilation. With subject matters from the heart, experience, and turmoil, we think you will find a song from this selection that suits any listeners taste, as the genres range from pop, rock, blues and folk. 
This group of songs is about never giving up on a Dream, and never knowing when people will come into your life to help you realize that Dream! A small North Western Ontario musicfest known as AmberJam featuring only local homegrown musicians, inspired a musician collective known as the Boreal Ultimate Music Society. The 11 homegrown original tracks on this album is Boreal Oasis Studios first exposure to the world of the incredible musicians living, creating, and performing in venues in Thunder Bay, North Western Ontario, Canada and beyond!"



11 home grown tracks from 11 of Thunder Bays premiere bands

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